WPmicroBlogs.com regulations

I. General provisions

  1. The owner and service provider of wpmicroblogs.com is Piersa.pl Adam Piersa Stefan Jaracza 18/28 07-409 Ostrołęka NIP: 7582220707 email: help@wpmicroblogs.com - hereinafter referred to as the service provider.
  2. The presented regulations define the terms of using the wpmicroblogs.com system.
  3. The customer is a person who purchases the service by filling out the form on the registration page https://app.wpmicroblogs.com/login.php for a set period.
  4. Users using the wpmicroblogs.com system are required to comply with the regulations.
  5. The wpmicroblogs.com service and the content of the panel is the property of the service provider and is legally protected.
  6. The customer is obliged to provide real personal data during the registration process.
  7. The customer confirms that he accepts the form of sending invoices in electronic form.
  8. Wpmicroblogs.com provides hosting services that can be ordered only through the panel on the website.
  9. The customer undertakes to use hosting accounts in accordance with their purpose.

II.Technical conditions needed to support wpmicroblogs.com.

  1. To use the wpmicroblogs.com system you need a computer with internet access and a web browser.
  2. Wpmicroblogs.com leaves in the client's system the so-calledcookies.

III.Obligation to comply with the law

  1. The customer is obliged to use the wpmicroblogs.com system in the manner of personal rights, copyrights, good manners and the law and is responsible for the manner of using the service by third parties.
  2. In the situation when the service provider obtains information on the use of the service by the customer in breach of the Regulations or the law, wpmicroblogs.com has the right to process the client's personal data to determine his liability, and transfer this data to the relevant public authorities.
  3. The content of the wpmicroblogs.com site has been prepared by the provider in good faith and on the basis of sources believed to be reliable, however, the service provider is not responsible for damages resulting from using the contents of wpmicroblogs.com.
  4. It is forbidden to use the wpmicroblogs.com service in a manner contrary to the law, principles of social coexistence, morality and Netiquette.Such action may be considered in particular:
    a) mass sending of packages to the wpmicroblogs.com service,
    b) mass downloading of all or part of the wpmicroblogs.com content,
    c) any other activities that reduce the efficiency of wpmicroblogs.com.
  5. Activities described in pointIII.4 may constitute a basis for the service provider to immediately block access to wpmicroblogs.com for a given user and to report a case to the law enforcement authorities, and to take measures provided for in the Civil and Criminal Code, striving to maximize possible compensation or penalty after proving the commission forbidden act / crime.
  1. Complaints

    1. Complaints of the system user in connection with non-performance or improper performance of services should be sent to the service provider in writing to the correspondence address of the service provider specified in point I and specify:

    a. Customer data enabling contact with him and identification as a customer wpmicroblogs.com,
    b. the type of service concerned,
    c. time and place of the event which forms the basis of the complaint,
    d. the Customer's allegations,
    e. circumstances justifying the complaint,
    f. any desired means of removing the alleged violation.2. The Service Provider is obliged to respond to the complaint within 7 days from the date of its receipt, indicating whether it accepts the complaint and how it intends to settle it or informing about the lack of grounds for accepting the complaint together with the reasons for its position.If it is necessary to clarify additional circumstances related to services provided to the service provider by entities for which the service provider is not responsible,

  2. Final Provisions
  1. Any disputes that may arise from contracts between the user and wpmicroblogs.com, regarding the provision of services by the service provider, which can not be prevented by a complaint procedure, will be resolved by a common court.The place of providing services is the headquarters of wpmicroblogs.com.
  2. Regulations come into force on 12/12/2018.