Diversification of the location

Your blogs in various places around the world, address classes, hosting companies.

Excellent price

High quality and good price, what everyone is looking for at the moment is ideally combined with many interesting solutions for back office management.

Speed and simplicity

Quick and easy configuration of blogs for the layman on the most popular Wordpress platform.

Configuration flexibility

We allow you to use all available plugins and templates, let your blogs be original and on the level.

Wordpress SEO Hosting / Your Private Blog Network

Here you can get completly natural profil of your links. You can hosts your blogs on different A,B,C IP class.

Different location

Blogs located in different data centers and by different hosting companies.

Fast setup

Only two steps: just select IP, location and write your domain name and we do the rest.

Best price

Lowest price, if you buy more you can pay less for a blog. We have best price and good quality of services.

Admin panel

In one place, you can see all of your blogs, and can login in to them add posts ect - its very usefull feature.

Available packages

You get a panel with the possibility of logging in to your blogs, updating and adding new content. Low monthly cost of maintaining a blog - maximum diversification of your site's location.

Package #3

Package for novice bloggers
3 Blogs
Unlimited Bandwidth
3 IP Adress
WP Control Panel
From 10.00 $ / per month
3.33 $ / per blogs
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Package #5

Create a small network for your business needs
5 Blogs
Unlimited Bandwidth
5 IP Adress
WP Control Panel
From 14.00 $ / per month
2.8 $ / per blogs
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Package #7

The most popular package among our users
7 Blogs
Unlimited Bandwidth
7 IP Adress
WP Control Panel
From 17.00 $ / per month
2.43 $ / per blogs
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Package #10

Create a blogging network and generate additional traffic for your business
10 Blogs
Unlimited Bandwidth
10 IP Adress
WP Control Panel
From 22.00 $ / per month
2.2 $ / per blogs
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Package #20

20 Blogs
Unlimited Bandwidth
20 IP Adress
WP Control Panel
From 35.00 $ / per month
1.75 $ / per blogs
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Package #30

30 Blogs
Unlimited Bandwidth
30 IP Adress
WP Control Panel
From 40.00 $ / per month
1.33 $ / per blogs
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Package #40

40 Blogs
Unlimited Bandwidth
40 IP Adress
WP Control Panel
From 45.00 $ / per month
1.13 $ / per blogs
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Package #50

50 Blogs
Unlimited Bandwidth
50 IP Adress
WP Control Panel
From 50.00 $ / per month
1 $ / per blogs
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If you need a larger package of dedicated IP addresses, please contact us for an interesting offer.

What you can gain from our service

Below you will find a brief summary of what you can get thanks to our service

Fast setup, and ready for blogging

Quickly and efficiently set your first blogs and start building links with themed facilities, logged in many countries, on high-quality hosting. You do not need a lot of experience to do it. When designing the look of the page, you can choose any template available on the web to wordpress cms.

Here you have our packages

Diversification is the key to success

Practically speaking, at every training or in a guide, specialists talk about the diversification of links. Buying multiple hosting sites is a considerable cost that can strain your budget. Thanks to our service you can get the same effect at much lower costs. The increase of position and traffic on the site is at your fingertips.

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For us, your time is priceless

Do not waste time installing and configuring blogs on various hosting sites, the end of the uploading of files via ftp.

Do not waste money on hosting sites where you do not use the full resources. Our system will save you a lot of time and money, in return you will receive a high-quality service.

You need more info? Contact us and we will give you all the answers!

Hot offer!

Buy a package of 5 in advance for a year and get a free packet of 5,000 in gindex.me!

Customers opinion

The system significantly improves the work with blogs, before I had to jump from hosting to add new blogs now I have everything in one place, great convenience. For sure, my purchase will not end with one package.


Excellent solution, I've been looking for it for a long time, I already have a lot of facilities on WP scattered across different hosting sites and it's hard to control them, the next new ones I have in this system and it's a very convenient solution.


I have the largest package available here, all blogs work quickly and without interruptions / I know this because I have monitored website activity monitoring / even the cheapest hosting is not always obvious, in my opinion the stability of blogs is a huge plus.


A useful tool even for beginners such as myself easy to use. I've always wanted to start the adventure with building facilities, but the technical matters limited me - never again.